Age Touches Players

Not even legends can escape age catching up with them and slowing them down on the playing field.

Multi gold medallists North Queensland Legends have been coming to the Alice Springs Masters Games to compete in touch since 1992 when Billy Grant formed the team.

They drew 4-all with the Laughing Barus for the gold medal in the men’s 50+ division.

The draw would normally force a drop off but the Legends didn’t want to extend the game and the final score stood.

Team spokesman Tony Divertie said age had played a factor.

“We’re definitely getting slower and might not have lasted if we had to play extra time,” he said.

“Our average age is about 63. The youngest is 50 and the oldest 70 with the next youngest 60.

“It’s fair that the Barus receive the gold medal as we didn’t want to play on,” he said.

“They’re a good bunch of guys and deserved the gold. We’re happy with the silver.

“This is the Friendly Games and being here is what it’s all about.

“It might have been different 20 years ago.”

However, there was a surprise for the Legends as both teams were awarded a gold medal at the touch presentation last night.

There were some high scores in the other men’s and women’s grand finals played yesterday morning.

Alice Springs teams played off in the 30+ men’s division with Indians defeating Whanau Uncles 9-1 and Dudes, from Darwin, winning the bronze.

Dudes also won the men’s 40+ division gold medal with a 9-5 win against Indians.

In the women’s divisions Bottoms Up won the 30+ finals 8-4 against Divas, with Whanau Aunties taking the bronze.

In the women’s 40+ division, Divas defeated Squaws 6-1.