Debutante will be Back

Organisers of the Go-Karting competition have hailed the sport’s entry into this year’s Games a success.

It’s taken 30 years to get the sport to join the Alice Springs Masters Games family and spokesman Tony Connor said they’ll be back in 2018.

“We didn’t know what to expect for our first Games but it turned out to be a good first night,” he said.

“There was a bit of confusion early with the points due to the heats being pushed through quickly to make sure we finished in good time.

“But it was a fun night, better than I expected.

“A lot of different people won medals and it was good they were spread around a bit.

“Everyone is happy.

“There was a bit of contact in the 125s but that’s Go-Karting.

“We’re now working on how to make it better in 2018.”

Western Australian Michelle Joyce had the honour of being the first winner in the Alice Springs Masters Games Go-Karting competition, taking out the opening heat on Tuesday in the 125 class.

Go-Karting will have its final competition of the Games tonight.

The teams’ event will start when the sun goes down although drivers will be out and about at the Arunga Park track from 5pm.