Thrills Head in the Right Direction

The Alice Springs Masters Games family welcomes two new sports in 2016.

Central Australian Go-karting enthusiasts are celebrating 30th years of the sport in Alice Springs. So it’s a nice synergy that the first time the sport has been included in the Alice Springs Masters Games, is in the Games’ 30th anniversary year.

Organisers are promising some great spills and thrills on the dirt track when racing is held under lights tomorrow, Tuesday and Thursday at Arunga Park Speedway complex.

Riders will have the opportunity to race in two classes of karts, the KT and 125cc in five men’s age groups and two women’s.

Tony Connor, who is the NT and SA statesman class title holder and former president of the national Independent Dirt Kart Association, said 34 drivers are in Alice Springs for the Games.

“The Australian titles were on in Kadina last weekend and it was too much for some of the drivers to come here as well,” he said.

“But hopefully the WA drivers will spread the word about this when they get back.”

Orienteering is the other new sport to join the Alice Springs Masters Game for the first time this year.

A group of 36 orienteers gathered at the grounds of the Old Telegraph Station this morning to tackle a 60-minute score event.

Co-coordinator Kay Haarama said many of the participants were from other sports and were giving orienteering a try.

“There are only two regular orienteers plus a good percentage of people from the come and try sessions we held in Alice Springs,” she said.

“Today’s course will involve 24 controls, some easy to get to and some hard, spread around the Old Telegraph Station.

“The aim is to get to as many controls as you can. The person who gets the most wins.

“All participants will get a map 10 minutes before they set off so they can plan their route.

“It will take about 20 minutes of running to get to all the easy controls, so to win the orienteers will have to go for some of the harder ones.”

Haarama said she worked on finding a balance between a beginner’s course and one for more experienced orienteers for the Games.

For something a bit different, there will be a mountain bike orienteering event tomorrow evening. Another foot event is scheduled for early Wednesday morning.