Winning Numbers Hit Target at Darts

The number of darts players in this year’s Alice Springs Masters Games has risen a dramatic 50% since 2014.

The arrows have been flying around the Alice Springs Golf Club with 128 darts players participating in these Games, compared to 84 participants in 2014.

More than a quarter of the players have thrown the maximum 180 at least once.

Australian-ranked player Chippy Miller has set a high standard with 13 triple 20s during the week.

This has seen him win the senior men’s drawn doubles, and the men’s senior singles. He also won the silver medal in the teams’ competition.

Alice Springs darts legend Arthur Grogan is again attending the Games. He has been to every Games since their inception in 1986.

The 73-year-old came back this year in the hope of winning his 15th consecutive gold medal.

Unfortunately, his winning streak has come to an end but he’s hoping for a silver at least.

Darts coordinator Steve Robinson said the competition had run pretty smoothly although the increase in competitors meant the venue was tight for space.

“This is the maximum number of players we have had for an Alice Springs Masters Games,” he said.

“There have been some long days from 9am to 6pm, and even 7.30pm on a couple of days, since Saturday.

“We had about 20 players withdraw from the singles yesterday with sore arms or just too tired from the week.”

Robinson admitted that if there were more participants in 2018, the darts competition would have to look at a new venue. But he said that was something he wouldn’t have to consider for a while.

“I’m not worried about the next Masters yet – I have to get over this one first.”