Boomer’s Baseballer Braving the Bitumen on his Beemer!

Sydney based baseballer Darrin Hart is attempting something different for this year’s Alice Springs Masters Games, ditching Qantas for his BMW motorbike and 6000 or so kilometres of bitumen.

Darrin wanted some extra time and two wheels to give himself more freedom to explore;

“I’ve really enjoyed the weekly festival in the past, doing a bit of sightseeing between parts, but hadn’t really had time to fully appreciate the ‘Red Centre’.  This time around, I thought I’d include my love of motorcycling and adventures with baseball … turn it into a 3 week adventure!”

Darrin has been playing in the Alice Springs Masters Games since 2010 with his team of 20odd years, the Boomers.

Baseball will be coordinated this year by Harold Schmidt and Rich Brigham.  They are keen to present a great competition with games running all day from 9am into the evening.  There is a canteen and fully licensed bar at Lyle Kempster Baseball Park.  Lyle Kempster is a top quality venue, Harold swears that it’s the best field he has ever played on and he’s American!

If you are thinking of competing in baseball this year head to: /sports/baseball/

Are you riding to Alice Springs for the Masters?  Darrin is keen to ride with others so if you are interested email him at