Bounce around with ‘Roos’ at The Kangaroo Sanctuary

Nothing says Central Australia more than the iconic red kangaroo.  On your visit to Alice Springs why not take a guided sunset tour of The Kangaroo Sanctuary made famous by Chris “Brolga” Barns and the documentary series Kangaroo Dundee (BBC UK / Nat Geo USA).

Experience a leisurely walk through the bush as the kangaroos wake from their day-time sleep. Meet the characters of Kangaroo Dundee such as ‘mad as a cut snake’ Roger, Rex, Ruby and Bluey. The Sanctuary is a place to celebrate the beauty of the red kangaroo – an Australian icon.

Brolga first established the baby kangaroo rescue centre in Alice Springs in 2005. He then went on to build his own wildlife sanctuary in 2009. The Sanctuary is a 90 acre wildlife reserve just outside of Alice Springs.  Aboriginal people travel hundreds of kilometres to deliver joeys that have been orphaned by hunting.

Brolga has just started building Central Australia’s first wildlife hospital with the help of kind donations and from visitors on tours of the sanctuary.

Donations are welcome to help him continue his dream of completing the hospital and to care for the baby and adult kangaroos.

Visit the Sanctuary on a guided sunset tour on Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays.  Bookings only  at

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