Hockey: It’s a Sport for life!

Hockey fits the ‘Friendly Games’ philosophy with it’s ‘Sport for Life’ appeal and this along with Hockey’s quality competitions from elite to grass roots will ensure it remains one of the Games most popular sport.

With the Northern Territory producing some of Australia’s best players in Nova Peris-Kneebone, Desmond Abbott and Joel Carroll, the high quality level of coaching and officiating within the domestic competitions are all contributing factors in Hockey’s success.

“Hockey is often considered as a ‘Sport for Life’ as players are loyal to the game from a young age or if they do have a break will come back and play in their mature years,” says Mr. Harkness.

“Being a dual gender sport makes it easy for couples to participate within their chosen categories meaning families can travel to the event together and participate whilst making a holiday of the event. “The tradition of the Alice Springs Masters and the quality of the event leads to participants coming back time and again to meet up with old friends and enjoy the experiences that the Alice has to offer,” says Mr. Harkness.

With up and coming athletes as Elizabeth Duguid and Brooke Peris recently making the national selection, Mr Harkness says the athletes are managing the challenges of playing at the highest level due to the support they receive as they develop into elite athlets. “The daily training environment presented to selected athletes by Hockey Australia is of high class and when young talented athletes need to relocate to Perth to join the National programs it can be daunting however the support mechanisms provided to all athletes by Hockey Australia ensures that they have somewhere to turn for advice and assistance no matter what the subject,” says Mr. Harkness.

Hockey competitors at the 2014 Games will continue to enjoy playing on the wet turf field at the Traeger Park Hockey Grounds. Seven days of round robin competition with two age pools for both Men and Women. The tournament is hosted by the Alice Springs Hockey Association. Hockey is open to men 35 year old plus and women 30 year old plus. For more details visit the Hockey pages, under Sports.

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