Q&A with Assistant Swimming Coordinator Julie Collins

We sit down with Assistant Coordinator for Swimming at the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games Julie Collins for a chat about the upcoming competition.
How long have you been involved with the Alice Springs Masters Games?I competed in the very first event in 1986 and have only missed one Alice Springs Masters Games as I was sick.

Tell us about the Alice Springs Aussi Masters Swimming Club?
It’s a small local club that has been running for about 30 years.  We have 28 members, the oldest member being 81 years young.  We came 9th in the National rankings for timed swims – not bad for a small country club!

How many competitors do you get at the ASMG?
In 2014 we had 160 swimmers competing, this year we hope to get about 180.  In previous years we have had over 300 swimmers at the ASMG.

What’s your favourite memory of the ASMG?
Beating Dawn Fraser when she competed in the early years, there was about a thirty year age gap mind you!

What are the youngest and oldest competitors Swimming has seen?
It’s hard to say we have had many swimmers over the age of ninety competing. Last year 2016 ASMG Sports Coordinator Carly Clyant was the youngest competitor at 27 years old.  Swimming has one of the youngest minimum ages in the ASMG at 25 years old (at the end of the calendar year).

Why should anyone compete in the ASMG Swimming competition?
It’s a fun competition, where you compete against your own age group.  This ensures that most swimmers in your category are at the same standard, creating a competitive but fun environment.  In Masters swimming there are rules that cater for the swimmers, creating a relaxed atmosphere.

Anything else you would like to add?
We would love to see more locals competing and we are also on the lookout for volunteers.  If you are interested don’t hesitate to give competing or volunteering a try, what have you got to lose?