Spectrum W.A. Netball Club back for their 8th Masters!

Spectrum W.A. Netball Club first came to the Alice Springs Masters Games in 2002 and they keep coming back! According to club member Mardi Mules;

“Spectrum Netball W.A. loves ASMG and that’s why we keep coming back – for the games, for the love of the sport but mainly for the friendship and the atmosphere.”

This group of women from W.A. are all extremely passionate about their netball – some playing at a very high standard in the past.  Their ages range from ‘babies’ who are in their early 40s, through to ‘experienced Gamers’ who are in their mid-50s.  Team members not only play netball but also participate in swimming, indoor rowing and athletics.

They are well known around the games for their fun and outgoing attitudes and not to mention green cowboy hats as pictured above!

“Our team has met some amazing people over the years and look forward to each ASMG to reunite with friends, both on and off the court,” Mardi says.

Spectrum Netball has been heavily involved with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) through fundraising for the ‘Pink Night’ at the Pat Gallagher Netball Centre courts during the ASMG.  All proceeds have gone directly to the NBCF and benefited both men and women suffering from breast cancer.

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