Sponsor Profile – Alice Springs Airport


Alice Springs Airport is Central Australia’s aviation hub, welcoming more than 500,000 passengers a year and performing a range of essential and community related services. Offering domestic and regional passenger airline services, as well as general aviation and helicopter traffic services, the airport is a vital economic and community contributor that underpins Central Australia’s growth and future prosperity.

Alice Springs Airport supports and sustains Central Australia by working with the tourism industry, connecting Territory communities and providing facilities for the aviation and defence industries.

Located 15 kilometres south of the town centre, the airport covers a land area of 3,550 hectares, making it Australia’s largest airport in terms of land area with considerable opportunities for future growth and expansion.

It connects this unique and remote region with the rest of Australia and the world, serving as a vital link for our domestic tourism industry and the gateway to many of Australia’s most famous landmarks and iconic destinations.

We are proud to be sponsors of the 30th anniversary of the Alice Springs Masters Games where we will be providing a unique and memorable arrival experience for all competitors and visitors.

Touchdown for the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games!

Dave Batic

General Manager