Tenpin Strikes a Social Note

Tenpin Bowling is one of the original sports from the 1986 Alice Springs Masters Games and it’s fitting that the competition is still going strong 30 years later.

Mayor Damien Ryan opened the bowling competition in 2014 with the first bowl of the tournament.  He had so much fun that he registered to compete in the competition the next day.

If the Mayor can compete then so can you. Coordinators Anja Taylor and Richard Drummond say that you can bowl anytime so there’s no excuse.  It doesn’t matter when your other events are on you can compete anytime between 10am – 6pm.   The sports entry fee is excellent value for money with $75 covering you for entry into 3 events; Singles, Doubles and the Teams’ event.

Anja and Richard work hard to make it a social event with a meet and greet Team Challenge event on Friday 7 October before the Games officially start.  It gives the opportunity for everyone to meet each other and get used to the lanes at the Dust Bowl.  The following Friday Anja and Richard host a dinner as a social event which is a great way to finish up the week with your new and old friends.

Why not take part in Tenpin Bowling at the 2016 Alice Springs Masters Games?  There are opportunities for all levels of skill so there’s no excuse for not having a go.

For more info head to: /sports/tenpin-bowling/