The Beauty of the ‘Alice’

The Alice Springs Masters Games offers more than the opportunity to socialise and compete in your favourite sport, it is also the chance to explore the beauty of Alice Springs and its surrounds.

When it comes to landscape the MacDonnell Ranges are on our doorstep, just on the edge of town the black footed rock wallaby comes down at sunset and has been known to eat right from the hand. Head along the ranges only couple of hours drive and you are already amongst some lovely Gorges.

Take your swimmers and enjoy a refreshing dip in stunning waterholes you can jump in for a swim, and don’t worry there no crocs this far south.

Just looking for something within walking distance? Well, a stroll up Anzac Hill offers a fantastic view overlooking Alice Springs with those the MacDonnell Ranges in the background and the best time is at sunset, it is quite striking.

The Todd River rarely flows but the dry river bed has a unique beauty of its own which is best captured in the late afternoon, when there is a good chance of spotting some kangaroos. This is quite common on the walk out to the Telegraph Station which was where Alice Springs was first settled. There are still a number of original buildings and you can learn about the history of how it came to be.

The heart of Australia has much to offer, take the time to soak up as much as you can while you are here, you’ll be better for it. Start planning your trip to Alice Springs today and contact Tourism Central Australia for all travel advice.