There’s no town quite like Alice Springs!

Alice Springs, known as Mparntwe (pronounced mbarn-twa) to the local Arrernte people is an iconic outback town, rich in history and culture with much to offer visitors. With a population of approximately 30,000 people, Alice Springs is a diverse community made up of people from many backgrounds.

Alice Springs started out as Stuart, a telegraph station which is now a major tourist attraction 4km from the town centre. The Alice Springs Telegraph Station Historical Reserve will be the venue for both the mountain biking and orienteering competitions at the Masters Games 2016.

The town is built on the foothills of the MacDonnell Ranges (see above image) which are home to many beautiful gorges, cliffs and waterholes. The more adventurous visitors may choose to see the Ranges up close by walking the Larapinta Trail which is voted one of the world’s top 20 treks.

For those who want to experience the desert landscape without the trekking, the Alice Springs Desert Park ( is a must see, with insights into Aboriginal culture, amazing local flora and fauna displays and a Nocturnal Tour to witness the locals who only come out at night.