Sports Coordinator for Sporting Shooters, Karl Smith

As a committee member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia, Karl was nominated as the Sports Coordinator of the Sporting Shooters in this year’s Masters Games. He is also registered as a participant. The age requirement for this event is 25.

Karl was born in Alice Springs in 1991, and speaks eagerly about his passion for shooting.

“At the age of 21 I inherited my first rifle, which meant that in order to keep it I would need to apply for the relevant licence and meet the safe storage requirements. In 2016, I started pursuing Sports Shooting, before this I had just taken part in recreational shooting. The events that shooters participate in are referred to as disciplines. The disciplines that I participate in are rifle disciplines which include Field Rifle, Rifle Metallic Silhouette and 3 Positional.”

“I am really looking forward to competing this year and I’m excited to get out on the field. My preferred discipline is Rifle Metallic Silhouette, the purpose of this event is to knock over metal animal shaped targets at 4 different distances, so your overall aim is to knock over as many targets as possible to achieve a score out of 40.” he explained.

Karl then continued, “I enjoy the relaxed and friendly nature of the sport. It is a sport that can be participated in at almost any age. It is safe and the people involved are always happy to share their knowledge and assist new shooters where they can.”

As the Sports Coordinator of the Sporting Shooters Karl feels that “The Masters Games are a great opportunity for sporting shooters to meet and continue build the sport in Alice Springs and throughout Australia.”