Brian Gearing Up For A Big One!

Brian Johnson knows a thing or two about motorbikes.  At 67 years old he is still hurtling around the track at 130 km/hour on his new 2016 KTM 200cc super 2 stroke bike.

“It’s an absolute bullet!” he reckons.

Locals might remember Brian from the restaurant, Turner House that he opened in Alice Springs.  You also might know him from the Finke Desert Race which he attends every year.  One of the original riders in the inaugural Finke Desert Race in 1976, Brian competed in the first 4-5 races which he says were much different to what it’s become today.

“Back then it was just a trailbike ride through the desert, nothing like you see today.”

Brian last competed in the Finke at the age of 61.  Now 67, Brian still comes up every year from Adelaide to watch the big race.

Brian’s Masters career commenced in 2010, when he took out a bronze, two silver and a gold medal.  His second outing at the Masters was even more successful, taking out gold in all four events that he entered. He’s coming back this year for his fourth Masters in a row.

He says sports coordinators Glen Auricht and Janice Campbell organise the best motorbike competition in the world.

“It’s exacting fun, hitting speeds of 120-130 kilometres an hour.  At the start line you might feel 67 but as soon as the flag drops you feel 16 again!”

Brian says that Glen is his biggest rival on the track and the riders talk plenty of trash at the start line, so we are looking forward to a blistering pace at the track in Ilparpa.

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